Choosing Your Own Life

Every woman has the exact love life she wants

~The Wedding Date (2005)

I know someone who is lonely.  They feel as though they are alone but they’re not.  They’re not because I’m here.  I might not be right there connected to their hip but I’m still here….available, praying, loving, believing.  But they feel as though they are alone.  The truth of the matter is that they chose the loneliness they are feeling.   They elected to be in that situation with those circumstances.  They have the exact life they want.

When The Wedding Date premiered in 2005 a lot of women objected to the above quote from Debra Messing’s stepfather to her but as you keep living you begin to see the reality of that statement.  Your love life is a result of the decisions you make.  If you didn’t want what you had you’d make different decisions.

So when you’re lonely you can change that be not pushing people away and allowing them to love you.

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