Plus One

I had a little get together at my place last night to celebrate accomplishing some of my running goals for the year. Two of my cousins and their spouses…that was it. We had a great time telling family stories and trying new wines. The food was extra yummy too. I made a Spanish dish, Italian, and seafood.

During the party though I missed my husband. He would have made a really good addition to the group.

We’ve been separated for a year now and I still miss him so much. This December 24th will be our 5 year anniversary and I typically wouldn’t say this out loud but I still get the same butterflies as I did when we kissed for the first time.

Sometimes I consider giving up…letting go…moving on. I sometimes think to get the life I want with a family I will have to let go. And then there are times when I believe that

What therefore God has joined together, let not man put asunder.

The minister who married us said that during the ceremony and I want to believe in it.

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