My Bucket List

I was ecstatic to see this week’s writing assignment in my inbox this morning. Thanks Mama Kat!

Mama's Losin' It

Write a list of 100 things you want to do before you turn 100. Otherwise known as a “bucket list”.

After looking at the prompts I thought that the bucket list would be a really good challenge to accept. So here goes.

  1. Visit Italy, Greece, Ghana, the Dominican Republic and Paris
  2. Start a scholarship fund for my alma mater
  3. Go on annual trips with my girlfriends
  4. Spend a weekend at a spa in the Arizona desert
  5. Go to Disneyworld
  6. Own a home
  7. Plant a vegetable garden
  8. Go on a wine tour in Napa Valley
  9. Go to a Dallas Cowboys game in the new stadium
  10. See the pyramids
  11. Have kids
  12. Publish a book
  13. Grill the perfect slab of ribs
  14. See a play on Broadway
  15. Visit the Smithsonian
  16. Walk the Great Wall of China
  17. Make a sexy home video (to be destroyed immediately following….LOL)
  18. Take a cruise
  19. Learn to speak French
  20. Organize and host a family reunion
  21. Go hiking in the mountains
  22. Spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods
  23. Meet Chele in person
  24. Have a surprise birthday party thrown for me
  25. Stain a piece of furniture
  26. Find spiritual balance
  27. Do pilates on the beach by the ocean
  28. Be unafraid to do whatever it takes to have full peace
  29. Grow my hair to the middle of my back
  30. Make a perfect meatloaf
  31. Wear a custom made dress
  32. Drive fast enough to be scared
  33. Participate in Race for the Cure
  34. Light and sit in front of a wood burning fireplace
  35. Make Boeuf Bourguignon
  36. Visit Crater Lake
  37. Meet Oprah
  38. Drive a pickup truck
  39. Have sex outside
  40. Try gouda cheese
  41. Get a tattoo of a panther on my lower back
  42. Bowl over 113
  43. Use liquid eyeliner….straight
  44. Sing at karaoke night
  45. Go parachuting
  46. Win a Spotlight Award from Special Events magazine
  47. Go to a WWE Pay Per View match and have good seats
  48. See Phantom of the Opera
  49. See the Nutcracker
  50. Pole dance for my man…to his liking
  51. Go horse back riding
  52. See a waterfall
  53. Learn to ride a bicycle
  54. Learn to roller skate
  55. Ride a boat on a nice summer day and have a picnic on board
  56. Teach in a traditional classroom setting
  57. Take a professional pastry course
  58. Vacation in an Italian villa
  59. Own a pearl strand necklace
  60. Make homemade croutons
  61. Read Moby Dick
  62. See the original version of The Women
  63. See Mommy Dearest
  64. Get a Brazilian bikini wax
  65. Get a breast reduction
  66. Ride a mechanical bull
  67. Eat oysters
  68. Ride in a hot air balloon
  69. Be on the cover of a magazine
  70. Visit my great grandmother’s grave
  71. Make a soft chocolate chip cookie
  72. See Jill Scott in concert
  73. Have a pizza bagel at the Old School Bagel Cafe in Stillwater
  74. Eat a taco from one of those trucks in LA
  75. Go ballroom dancing in an evening gown
  76. Play charades
  77. Go on a mystery train ride
  78. Read an Agatha Christie novel
  79. Get a doctorate degree
  80. Get rid of my leather pants
  81. See Cirque du Soleil perform
  82. Go on an African safari
  83. Read Star Jones’ book
  84. Complete a “do it myself” project
  85. Attend a scrapbook convention
  86. Complete my family tree
  87. Make homemade sangria
  88. Become aware enough to effectively meditate
  89. Sew an outfit for myself
  90. Get multi-colored highlights
  91. Wear green and/or blue eye shadow successfully
  92. Make candles
  93. Sleep on silk sheets at least once
  94. Lay in a hammock
  95. Swing on a porch swing with my man
  96. Paint a picture
  97. Go to a firing range
  98. Learn to play golf
  99. Do a photo shoot
  100. Wear a crown


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