Seeing Red

I dislike plenty of people and I’m ok with that. I don’t get along well with everyone and I’m ok with that as well. My personality has led to me being hurt plenty of times. I’ve cried and yelled and all that is associated with pain. But it’s not often that I hate people. That’s just a hard emotion for me to get to. Unfortunately when it rains it pours. I have been taken such advantage of and so for granted that I am seeing red. I can truly understand how people feel when they say someone should burn in hell. When I think about these two people I envision them engulfed in flames in my head….coveted and crippled by the heat. That’s how much I hate them right now.

I don’t like this feeling.

My Bad Attitude

I am promising you that this is the last video you’ll ever need to watch with earphones because of the language.  Sorry



Unsolicited Advice

I ABHOR unsolicited advice….from anyone!

People often ask me why and think that I’m coming from a place of being hard headed or strong willed but the reality is that when you offer unsolicited advice what you’re basically telling me is what YOU think I should do based on how YOU want ME to do it to appease YOU.  No part of unsolicited advice is actually about ME.  Assume that I’m on the phone with CBean and tell her that I’m making a pot roast in the oven.  She knows that at this moment I’m at the library and she asks me if I left the pot roast in the oven and left home……yes.  Then she hems and fuckin haws about hoping it’s safe and then proceeds to tell me THREE TIMES that a pot roast only needs to cook for an hour and a half or else it will dry out and how I need to go home and check on my roast instead of letting it cook for the 3 hours I originally planned.

FIRST OF ALL…..if you don’t have to eat my roast or put any money on my grocery bills don’t offer unsolicited advice.  The ONLY exception to this rule is Big Sister Gorgeous One because she knows what it is I don’t know about cooking certain dishes and I trust her sage wisdom.  YOU?  Not so much.

SECOND OF ALL…..if every time I cook a roast it’s fork tender but I have to cut CBean’s with a knife I’m REALLY not trying to listen to her input on cooking one.

There are people that I ask for advice and they won’t give it to me so what in the hell makes folks think that they can offer some up at will?

The Grand Diva says that she never asks people how much they paid for their car when she sees someone with a new one because she’s not the one making the payment.



I have rules in my life that I expect others to obey.  Not doing so gets you cut.  It’s pretty simple like that.  The first rule is that if you have the phone number, it’s for you….don’t share it.  My uncle on my father’s side wasn’t aware of that rule apparently because I got a happy birthday text from my father a few months ago.

screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech….emergency brake pulled

How in the hell did he get my number?  See my mother already knows from experience that sharing my information with him will create a ripple effect that starts with me changing numbers and her not getting the “we’ve moved” postcard.  So it must have been my uncle.  He’s in his last days and attempting to create lasting memories with family through communication.  So I can imagine he didn’t mean any harm….but he now knows the rule.

My second rule is that when I tell YOU something, it’s for YOU and not to be shared.  You wouldn’t know it from the amount of information I lay out in public but I don’t trust easily.  My security wall is tall, thick, and reinforced like a maximum security prison.  I’ve recently shared some stuff going on with me with SoJo and TPS with ease because I believe that what I share with them stops with them.  (Even though TPS sent me an email that said we ain’t even e-friends with her trife azz) lol  But that’s what I believe until I’m proven wrong.

In the past 6 months somebody I let in broke both of those rules at the same time.  So you know I didn’t hesitate to cut them right?  Hell I don’t even think I thought about it.  It was just a natural and immediate reaction for me.  There is no excuse to betray me when you know I have these rules.  These two unforgivable rules!  After I thought about it I came to the conclusion that his goal was “to help.”  I don’t NEVER need enough help for you to give out my phone number to someone who obviously doesn’t have it and tell them something that I specifically only told YOU.  I’m very disappointed because this is someone that I apparently mistreated in the past and had the potential to develop into a good friendship of sorts.

If you feel like I’m in need of help after a conversation but that YOU can’t be the one to help me….tell ME.  If I wanted Jiffy to know my damn business then I woulda called Jiffy’s ass up and shared. (Yeah this shit has been irking me since it happened).  I haven’t called, texted, emailed, FB noted, NOTHIN and by now I’m sure you figured that I’m just an evil and moody bitch.  Well what do you expect when you betray a person’s fundamental rules.