Born to Write

I once watched one of Oprah’s episodes of Life Lessons featuring Bishop TD Jakes. On this particular episode I think he was discussing his book on following instinct. He said that what you are good at might not be your gift.  Your talent is not necessarily your passion. When I think about that conceit it reminds me of Chele. Chele has worked in Corporate America I believe all of her adult life. She admittedly wasn’t unhappy but she also wasn’t passionate. She is good at her job…but her talent was not her passion.  After writing books, being a restaurant reviewer, and winning figure competitions, Chele discovered that fitness is her passion! Now Chele is a personal trainer with her own fitness studio (I think they’re called studios).  The funny thing is that I remember her questioning all the ways she could take advantage of writing opportunities. Now she tells people how she can PUMP…them up (you need to be in your late 30’s to get that joke). 

I have worked in finance since I graduated 15 years ago with the exception of my 2 years of unemployment. I’m very good at it but I am nowhere near passionate about it. It has taken this long to simply reach content. I’m stuck in that rut that Bishop Jakes was describing. If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time then you will know that I’ve always been talented at planning events. So that must be my passion right? Well I’m not sure. I weighed heavily on his message abut following our guy instincts. So I started listening to my gut and it said the same thing no matter how much sense it didn’t make to me.


Write anything

Write your story

Just write

So I’m sitting here at Hodges Bend, drinking a Cielito Lindo, watching people, thinking about my husband, and writing. Let’s see where this goes.

Deep In the Heart of Texas

I love my job. I really do. And I like my boss a lot. We generally have a very good relationship. It took 9 months before I started looking for a new one and that’s 6 months longer than usual….so yeah I like it a lot.

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Importance and Influence

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Accepting a New Normal

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