A Racing Mind

I’m having one of those days. Everything seems ramped up and overwhelming. I didn’t sleep last night because I just couldn’t stop thinking about absolutely everything. My day is not much different from my night. My mind won’t rest.

I miss the romanticized version of my former life….A LOT. I need to get a new car and spending more than 45 minutes in a dealership puts me in a horrible mood. I want to move but I have no idea when or where. I’m in flight mode and feel like I’m on the verge of spinning out of control. Pandora isn’t even playing anything to calm me down today.

I should have taken a mental health day and hung out at the house.

Conflict, Consideration, and Understanding

As I lay here in the bed 3/4 sleep these words are in my heart…weighing it down. Love is not hard but conflict, consideration, and understanding are.

Having the Courage to Eat From Tree Tops

I’m not sold on that title.

10 years ago when I was in grad school a friend and I spoke to a group of young ladies from the Juvenile Detention Center. We did a cute little presentation and then we sat down and girl talk. One of the tips that . . . → Continue reading: Having the Courage to Eat From Tree Tops

Merry Christmas from Curaçao!

It’s amazing that something I hesitated to do for years (travel alone) is something that others yearn to do. So many of my co-workers said doing something like this is on their bucket list.

Do it!

. . . → Continue reading: Merry Christmas from Curaçao!

Cooking with My Sister: Frying Foods in Olive Oil


There are certain benefits to frying foods in olive oil. I know there are and I’ve read all about them. According to the International Olive Council olive oil is ideal for frying because it undergoes no substantial structural change and keeps its . . . → Continue reading: Cooking with My Sister: Frying Foods in Olive Oil